Group Introduction
Baota Petrochemical Group was founded in 1997. It is a large private leading petrochemical enterprise which is mainly based on petrochemical industry and expands to the integration with coal-oil chemical and gas chemical industries and to the combination of production, learning and research. The total assets of the enterprise is 56 billion 600 million yuan (RMB) and the number of its employees has been 15 thousand. It has ranked on the 322nd in China's top 500 Enterprises, 96th in the top 500 Private Enterprises and 23rd in Chinese top 500 Chemical Enterprises. Detailed>>
Baota Impression

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Business plate
The financial control, capital, ecology, real estate property, resources, technology, commerce, education, gas, investment holdings and other professional sections.[More]

Industrial structure

The core business of Baota Petrochemical Group is oil refinery and petrochemical engineering. Meanwhile, its business is expanding to the upstream of oil and gas procurement and the downstream of oil and gas retail. Around the main business....[More]

Refining Product

Refining products of our company: Gasoline (97#, 93#), Diesel (-10#, 0#), Solvent Oil, MTBE, Propylene, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, CNG, LNG.[More]

Chemical Product

Polypropylene, anti-knocking agent for oil refining, passivator, colour protecting agent, activating agent, pour depressant, demulsifying agent, antisludging agent, corrosion inhibitor, algaecide and other chemical additives, and calcium carbide...[More]

Equipment Product

There are more than 6000 kinds of bearings with outside diameter from 40 mm to 4000 mm, applied to multiple fields, such as petroleum machinery, metallurgical rolling mill, heavy duty truck, construction machinery and mining machinery, rail transportation...[More]

Storage Logstic

High pressure vessels and other key equipment for methanol plant, acetic acid plant, coal gasification furnace and large synthetic ammonia and urea plant, the reaction vessel, storage tank, heat exchanger, seperation containers, refrigerated...[More]

Retail Terminal

Baota Dagu storage & transportation Co Ltd was founded in 1999. Business scope: procuring fuel oil and various oil products, coal and coal chemical products, reserve, transport and wholesale sales of steel, building...[More]