Group Introduction

Group Introduction

    Baota Petrochemical Group was founded in 1997. It is a large private leading petrochemical enterprise which is mainly based on petrochemical industry and expands to the integration with coal-oil chemical and gas chemical industries and to the combination of production, learning and research. The total assets of the enterprise is 56 billion 600 million yuan (RMB) and the number of its employees has been 15 thousand. It has ranked on the 322nd in China's top 500 Enterprises, 96th in the top 500 Private Enterprises and 23rd in Chinese top 500 Chemical Enterprises.  
    The group has 4 core subsidiaries, one listed companies (Stock Code: Baota Industry 000595) and nearly 200 refueling stations (motor fuel & gas). Geographically, the company has achieved the “three along” strategic layout which is “along the coast, along the border and along the country”, because there are many branches respectively in Luhua and Ningdong of Yinchuan, Ningxia; Zhuhai, Guangzhou; Kuishan, Xinjiang; Erenhot, Inner Mongolia, etc.. The refining bases, being operated, can realize an annual production capacity of 15 million tons and the refinery capacity will enlarge to 25 million tons a year. The production capacity of propylene, polypropylene, acetylene and other chemicals, which has been formed and will be formed, is 1.2 million tons. The businesses related on petrochemical, such as equipment manufacturing, liquefied natural gas, high-end bearings, agriculture and forestry ecology, etc., is growing fast. In details, the petrochemical equipment manufacturing capacity has been 40 thousand tons; there are more than 5000 types of bearings; and the daily capacity of LNG has been 600 thousand square meters. Moreover, around the core business, the Group invested in the establishment of the University of Yinchuan, and the establishment of the Design Institute, Research Institutes and Petrochemical Equipment Manufacturing Plant. In addition to the group's main business plate - industrial section, the financial control, capital, ecology, real estate, resources, technology, trade, education, gas, investment holdings and other professional sections have been established. Thereby, based on petrochemical industry, it has been an private integrated group integrating with the combination of production, learning and research, the combination of industry and finance, technological innovation and petrochemical equipment manufacturing.
    Around four strategic bases, the headquarters of Baota Group is established in Beijing, and also there are operational headquarters in Ningxia, Shenzhen and Shanghai; a financial and international trade platform in Hongkong and Singapore; international business companies or agencies in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and other international oil enrichment area. In the overall layout, the oil supplies are obtained from Russia, Central Asia and the Middle East; the distinctive oil processes is operated in different production bases; and the group has formed a capital operation strategic pattern with the integration of Beijing-Hongkong and Beijing-Shanghai.
    Baota Petrochemical Group is the only private petrochemical group obtained “five certificates”: Crude Oil Import Quotas and Qualifications, the Qualification for Crude Oil Import and Apply, International Crude Oil Trade Qualification, Product Oil Wholesale Qualification and Fuel Oil Import Qualification , which are approved by National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce. After nineteen years of development, the group has grown into a diversified enterprise group as the core business in oil refining with cross regional operation and national management. The group is going to the world, to achieve international operations.