Storage Logstic

1、Ningxia Lingwu Baota Dagu storage & transportation Co Ltd
    Baota Dagu storage & transportation Co Ltd was founded in 1999.
Business scope: procuring fuel oil and various oil products, coal and coal chemical products, reserve, transport and wholesale sales of steel, building materials and so on. In October 2007, the loading device of processed oil was designed and constructed by Baota Petrochemical Design Institute. The device uses the domestic advanced microcomputer control technology. In specific, that is PCS automatic control of oil distribution management system, centralized management of quantitative loading system. 8 loading platforms and 16 loading arms can load and transport all kinds of oil products at the same time. 41 open sites of railway loading and 32 unloading sites for cars can achieve unloading four kinds of raw oil at the same time. 
    The crude oil storage capacity owned by Baota Petrochemical has been 700 thousand square meters. The group has loading and unloading station for dangerous chemicals which is connected with Taotou-Lanzhou railway line, vother main railway lines. The capacities of railway and road transportations are respectively 9 million tons per year and one million tons per year.
2、Ningxia Baota Petrochemical Group Ningdong Logistics Park
    The Logistics Park is located in Ningxia Ningdong heavy chemical industry base---Baotaa integrated project area (the East area), which is the core position of Ningxia Ningdong energy & chemical base. To the east, there is Cima Road; to the west there is Liyang Road; to the north there is the 307 National Highway; and it is closely near Taiyuan-Zhongwei (Yinchuan) railway line and Taigu railway. The area covered by the park is 2,000 acres, with a total investment of 538 million 750 thousand yuan (RMB). Logistics park is mainly based on oil products & coal railway, highway transportation and distribution system, supporting with crude oil, refined oil, coal, chemical building materials and other bulk cargo warehousing and distribution system, and also provides administrative management, business office, distribution processing, hotel, vehicle parking, maintenance and other functions. It is the advanced modern and specialized logistics park.
3、Zhuhai Baota storage & transportation Co Ltd
    Zhuhai Baota storage & transportation Co Ltd is located in Nanjing Bay, Gaolan Port Economic Zone, Zhuhai. It covers an area of 200 thousand square meters, only 11 kilometers from the main international fairway. Cross the sea, Macao and Hongkong is next to the park, and it is outward radiating throughout the Southeast Asia. Relying on the perfect three-dimensional traffic network of Gaolan Port, the company can realize multimodal transport of reviver and sea, land-and-water coordinated transport and unique pipeline transport. It is accessible to the domestic and foreign markets which can meet the requirement of the logistics systems of modern industry and international trade, with super conditions of traffic location.
    The company was founded in September 14, 2012, and the registered capital is 500 million yuan (RMB). It is invested and established by Zhuhai Baota Petrochemical Co. Ltd., the core subsidiary of Baota Group which is the top 500 Private Enterprises and Chinese top 500 Petrochemical Enterprises (the company is part of the Guangdong Southern Baota Investment Holdings Ltd.). The main business includes petrochemical storage leasing, loading & unloading, petroleum products, chemical raw materials and products wholesale, transport of dangerous goods. It is the largest petrochemical storage base in Gaolan Port Economic zone.
4、Chong-Nanhui Port
    Zhuhai Chong-Nanhui Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in Zhuhai Gaolan harbor of Nanjing Bay operation area, in 2001, engaged in third party logistics enterprises of petrochemical materials. In 2005, Zhuhai Chong-Nanhui Chemical Co., Ltd. invested and established a Liquid Chemicals Storage Area in the petrochemical storage area of Nanjing Bay of Gaolan Harbor, Zhuhai. The petrochemical storage area of Nanjing Bay of Gaolan Harbor is next to South China Sea on the southern side; next to China inland on the northern side; close to Hongkong, Shenzhen, Dongguan and other important regions. It is located in the active area of petrochemical industry--- Pearl River Delta region, so that its business can not only cover the whole Pearl River Delta, but also radiate to the neighboring provinces of Guangdong.
    The Gaolan Harbor Nanjing Bay Storage Area of Zhuhai Chong-Nanhui Chemical Co., Ltd. is officially open in 2005, and is purchased by Baota Group in July 2013. The area and capacity of the company are respectively 120 thousand square meters and 312 thousand cubic meters. Now, it owns 23 commercial storage tanks which are vertical with capacity of 163 thousand m3, and the capacity of customs bonded tanks is 71 thousand m3.
    The company mainly to provide customers with logistics warehousing of liquid chemicals, as well as loading and unloading bulk liquid chemicals and transported to storage tanks, the third party logistics service of loading & unloading of trucks and ships on wharf. It services the customs of the river network of the Pearl River Delta regional, mainly through the large vessels to imported petrochemical materials in the low using frequency, and then using the dense small ships to export petrochemical materials. On the principle of Health, Safety and Environmental Protection, Zhuhai Chong-Nanhui Chemical Co., Ltd. provides customers with professional third party logistics services, strictly following the highest domestic and international standards.